Crystal Home Theater systems simplify the home theater experience, and deliver Crystal’s legendary performance. These user-friendly entertainment systems are quick and easy to set up, and easy to use and enjoy. Experience the full potential of the latest surround sounds and immerse yourself in your favorite movies and music with these Crystal performance-matched systems.

Be transformed by the evolution of sublime sound. With over years of audio heritage and many industry firsts, Crystal continues to lead the way in its pursuit of perfect sound reproduction. Every speaker we build is engineered to offer incredible design attributes and provide nothing less than astonishing sound quality.  When it comes to attaining sublime sound reproduction, the highest standards are not just goals but necessities for which anything less is unacceptable.

For movie buffs, sports fans, music lovers and gamers, the road to a sublime entertainment experience is paved with simplicity. Everything you need is in the box. Instead of mixing and matching components, just unpack your surround speakers and subwoofer with built-in amplifier and receiver.   Do your senses a favor—connect them all and sit back. Because there are blockbusters that need to be watched, teams that need to be cheered, bands to be discovered, and yes, senses that need to be shaken from their stupor. You can't afford to spend your days wrapped up in cables and instruction manuals – the world of entertainment needs you. Answer the call of the couch and get ready to see, hear and be entertained like never before.

At Crystal, we believe that a quality home theater system is the entertainment center for the entire family. With unique heritage of fine audio equipments, no other company can offer such a wide variety of home theater solutions. Crystal can help you enjoy the most natural sounding home theater experience available by providing an ideal blend of sight and sound built on your personal requirements … all from a name you know you can trust. Bring Crystal home, and bring your home theater to life.